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Being born and grown on the poor area of the Center of Vietnam, it has a chance to make the program of “THUONG VIET NGHEO”. The Central Area is known as the land of Fire Span and  Rainy Bag. Most people are the agricultural trade, every incoming and outgoing of their family mainly lean on rice harvest season. In the rainy seasons, the flood overflows destroyed the harvests terribly. Besides, the major area of cultivate land which is very little and dry have alum and is restricted more. Therefore, it led to the scene of many families that have no adequate food and clothing, many children, short of manpower, crippled and the old in the between-crop period...Following to that, the sad scenes of students have no chance to school because of the being poor. These children must leave school to do hired work. Serving in rich houses or polishing the shoes in the big city to live but the children only have a little knowledge of human culture which help them to realize the bad signs of life can appear whenever...! Being a young talentless Catholic Priest and a little lucky child is in the grape garden of the God, although I know I am not worthy to him, I am also ease because the God always know how to use and act to instruments even the most disable ones. After receiving the duty, Catholic Priest must manage the parish in the remote countries. With our conscience, we appealed to children for trying to overcome the daily difficulties and strive for studying. Today, the status of missing school has been improving than before days. The parents gradually understood  the importance of learning. Many areas had had illiteracy eradication with free “Compassion Class” to feed up the knowledge of Culture and Humanity. Many students passed the examinations to the Universities, Colleges, and Technical Secondary Schools in the last courses. Others are good students of cities and provinces. Many poor families were issued rice, Christmas presents and were helped the funds to build fresh Water Jar and drill the Well. These improved some living standards of people daily. Many families are poor and have a lot of children who are learning is helped the funds for feeding the pigs to increase incomes. The essential needs of our compatriots are very large in the country while our ability is limited. We tried to contribute our ability to build country and mollify the misery of the compatriot. It is the modest when saying that we tried our best but it liked the sand was on the desert and a kerosene lamp’s light was wavering in the darkness of the night. However, we would rather light a lamp in the dark nights than curse at the darkness. All of the difficulties are in front of us. We hope that the direct practical helping in spite of a little part from you – kind benefactors. Your contribution would light up our hope to the life of the poor Vietnamese and give added strength for unlucky children. Nowadays, thanking for your help, they will have a chance to go to school and there was a boisterous brouhaha of laughter and talk in the streets of the backward poor countryside.
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